Abby Feldman
New York, NY

Inquire about Abby Feldman

Abby is a bilingual Fulbright Scholar-turned comedian currently on Netflix's 'Gringolandia.'

Originally from Rochester, New York, Abby is a Fulbright scholar and documentarian-turned comedian, writer, producer. She co-wrote and currently stars in the bilingual mockumentary series 'Gringolandia' on Netflix. Abby won a 2016 Telly Award as a correspondent on the comedy news show 'Redacted Tonight' on RT and recently returned to NYC after performing stand up on TV in Argentina and Chile. Abby just released the first episode of her new series 'Ovulady' and can be found performing comedy around NYC. Abby hopes to use humor and truth to open audiencesí eyes to the major political and cultural issues of today without making them want to kill themselves. Her goal in a nutshell: to create comedy so good it prevents suicides.

And a joke...
You don't need to be a scientist to know there's an inverse relationship between the size of a man's penis and how wide he spreads his legs while he's sitting on the train.