Alex Costa
Costa Rica

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Comedian and Producer , now just starting whit his own tv show , "Nada Que Ver..W Alex Costa

Alex Costa
Alex is an idiot...... but in a good way! He's a clown who makes me laugh in a way that very few actors can on stage, and i love it." Maria Torres, Costa Rican actress/ comedian
Dancer, choreographer and singer , he use all this skills to do comedy, is a reason why he is often creating characters that can be used any of his habilities, his main character beside do stand up , is the impersonation of sir Elton john , but been in Costa rica and because in Latin America costarican people is wellknown as “TICO” , he called him self as Elton-Tico, which means Little Dumb
Winner of the comedy competition “La Dulce vida 2006
Member since 4 years ago, of the Radio comedy show number 1 in C.R since the last ten years. “Manicomio de la Risa” radio Omega.
Member of the No 1 TV show in cr, “El Chinamo”
Judge of the comedy competition , “el Turno de la Risa” Teletica
Producer and comedian of the Tv Show , Manicomio TV
Guess comedian in “La Risa caribe” comedy festival Barranquilla Colombia.
Producer and Director of his Tv Show “Nada que ver... Whit Alex Costa”
Owner of Comedia Latina Comedy company.
Alex Costa is The Comedy of Costa Rica.