Alex Grubard
Brooklyn, NY

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Comedian, pacifist, unpublished author and instrumentless alt rocker. Do you guys get me?!

Ever since seeing his first episode of "Seinfeld" at seven years old Alex Grubard has wanted to become a stand-up and in 2004, at eighteen years old, he left Temple University in Philadelphia and began to follow his dream. Born in Manhattan, but grew up in Concord, Massachusetts stand-up comedian Alex Grubard likens his Concordian background with other natives of the town as writing/performing/activities community the New Transcendentalists. With this collective Alex has produced a talk show, web channel and blog. Whether performing for tourists in Times Square or hipsters in the Lower East Side Alex Grubard is always a favorite comedian with his likable personality, youthful, positive outlook and hilarious material. Heís been called a cross between Jack Kerouac, Abbie Hoffman and Marc Maron.

Alex has toured all over the country apart of the Going Steady tour, but always comes back to New York City where he lives and is a staple in its alternative comedy scene. Going Steady is a weekly Saturday night comedy show at Hugs in the hippest area in Brooklyn, Williamsburg; where Alex Grubard, Zachary Sims and Zach Broussard invite three great comics to perform. At age twenty-three Alex is still one of the youngest talents in stand-up comedy with enough experience to appeal to anyone.

Alex has been seen on Comedy Centralís Web Shows and on Comedy Centralís Motherload in the episode The Watch List, which became a pilot for the network. Heís also been a guest on The Mike Bower Show on the Maxim Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio and his stand-up has been heard on XM as well. Alex has performed in the NY Underground Comedy Festival four times and was the winner of the Comedy Crisis Competition in 2006. Heís written for Daily Comedy, Six Sentences and Playcole as well as his popular Make Me A Movie blog, which is a movie pitch game created by Alex and writer Dan Tovrov.