Alex Hooper
Los Angeles

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I wouldn't exactly say I'm a doctor, but I can definitely improve your sex life.

Alex Hooper was born in Baltimore, MD so he was pretty much effed from the start. His parents were supportive and his childhood wasn't that bad, except when it was. None of these things qualified him to be a comedian. He is however kind of uncontrollable. Animals constantly attack him because they sense his evil heart. After dropping out of high school, Alex attended Point Park University who saw his early high school detachment as a bold, entrepreneurial move and gave him a $40,000 scholarship for leadership skills. Following acting school (I know, blecchhh right?), he did what every super cool kid does and moved to Los Angeles where he started milking his comedy bone. Companies were into it and Alex did national commercials for KGB and Hyundai. He has also been seen and (sometimes) heard in a few feature films and television shows. Alex has spit comedy from coast to coast in clubs and bars and bars in clubs alike and has no plans on stopping, unless you'd like him to. Please? Can I?